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Last updated 16th April 2018

January 2018
27th     THE RED RIBBON - Stockton Central Library

February 2018
4th      V FOR VICTORY - Belford and District Hidden History Museum
7th      VOTES FOR WOMEN - Osprey Luncheon Club
8th      V FOR VICTORY- Gateshead Central Library
9th       V FOR VICTORY - The Word, South Shields
11th    V FOR VICTORY - Bagshaw Museum, Batley
15th    GOTHIC FOR GIRLS - Bramall Hall, Stockport
18th    A VERY VICTORIAN LADY - Potteries Museum, Stoke
27th    WHO'S WEARING THE TROUSERS? - Knaresborough Mens Forum

March 2018
5th        A DRESS FOR EVERY DECADE - Alnmouth WI 100th birthday
8th        ALL WRITERS GREAT & SMALL - Wakefield History Centre
9th        VOTES FOR WOMEN! - Linton Memorial Hall, Linton, Wetherby
14th      FROCKS ON PARADE - Richmond Yorkshire Ladies Luncheon Club
15th      FROCKS ON PARADE - Hoby & District Village Hall, Leics.
17th     AGATHA CHRISTIE & ART DECO - The Heritage Centre,
19th    THE RED RIBBON- The Mount School, York
21st      VOTES FOR WOMEN CWU, Elmbank Hotel, York
22nd    ALL WRITERS GREAT & SMALL - Tickhill Library, Doncaster
24th    TEA GOWNS & TEA TIME - Herriot Hospice Home Care
29th    ALL WRITERS GREAT & SMALL - North Shields Customer First

April 2018
12th    BAD GIRLS & BONNETS - South Dalton Ladies Club
13th    DRESSED TO IMPRESS - Middlethorpe Hall, York
14th    VOTES FOR WOMEN  - Penistone WI
18th    DRESSED TO IMPRESS - North Yorkshire Fed WI
            2pm presentation   Hackforth Village Hall
19th     GREAT WAR FASHION - East Keswick Flower Club
            1.30pm presentation
26th    LADIES OF A CERTAIN AGE - High Dales Group of WIs
            7pm presentation   Middleham Key Centre Leyburn
27th    BAD GIRLS & BONNETS - Bollington Arts Centre
            2pm presentation    www.bollingtonartscentre.org.uk

 May 2018
4th       THE RED RIBBON - Harrogate Ladies College (private event)
10th    ALL WRITERS GREAT AND SMALL - Gateshead Central Library
            6.30pm presentation
            Tel. (0191) 4338420  heleneddon@gateshead.gov.uk
16th    BAD GIRLS & BONNETS - Weaver Vale WI
            7.30pm presentation
18th    BAD GIRLS & BONNETS - The Word, South Sheilds
            7pm presentation
19th    SUFFRAGETTE STYLE - N.E. Embroiderers Guild
            2.15 presentation   Emmanuel College, Gateshead
20th    BAD GIRLS & BONNETS - Lichfield Festival
            Swinfen Hall Hotel  2.30pm presentation
            Tel. Claire Tetley (01543) 263304
25th    THE RED RIBBON - Hay-on-Wye Literature Festival details tbc
27th    BAD GIRLS & BONNETS - Skipton Town Hall
            2pm presentation  Box Office (01756) 792809
31st    PINK - THE TRUE STORY - Wallsend Customer First Centre
           7pm presentation     Tel (0191) 6435833

June 2018
8th      GOTHIC FOR GIRLS - Bronte Parsonage Museum hosts
            venue: West Lane Baptist Church
            7.30pm presentation   Tel (01535) 640192  
11th    PINK - THE TRUE STORY - Darlington Library
           * part of the Crossing the Tees festival *
            7pm presentation  laura.pattison@darlington.gov.uk
14th    VOTES FOR WOMEN! - Market Bosworth Arts Festival
            Parish Hall Market Bosworth, 7.30pm presentation
19th    V FOR VICTORY - Middlesbrough Reference Library
            7pm presentation  ruth_cull@middlesbrough.gov.uk
            * part of the Crossing the Tees festival *
21st    VOTES FOR WOMEN! - Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham
            7pm presentation  gawthorpehall@lancashire.gov.uk
            Tel. (01282) 771004
23rd    THE RED RIBBON - Norwich Costume & Textile Association
            2pm presentation

July 2018
1st        FABULOUS FIFTIES - Darlington Head of Steam Museum
            1.30pm presentation.  Tel. (01325) 405060
6th        VOTES FOR WOMEN - Skipton Town Hall
            7pm presentation  Box Office (01756) 792809
7th    VOTES FOR WOMEN! - Northampton Fed Townswomen's Guilds
            The Guildhall, Northampton  2.15pm presentation
            Tel. Sheila Baker (01327) 705662  shelbytb27@gmail.com
12th    AGATHA CHRISTIE & ART DECO - Glaisdale WI
18th    WE LOVE LAURA - Middlethorpe Hall, details tbc
           ** premiere performance **
19th    THE RED RIBBON - Runcorn WI, Churchill Hall, Runcorn
            8pm presentation   hel.smith@gmail.com

August 2018
1st       VOTES FOR WOMEN - Hinkley Canalside WI
            7.30pm presentation  St John's church Hall Hinckley
            Tel. 07586830309

September 2018

7th       ALL WRITERS GREAT & SMALL - The Word, South Shields
            7pm presentation  
11th    ALL WRITERS GREAT & SMALL - Beningbrough Hall, York
15th    BAD GIRLS & BONNETS - Jane Austen Society (Northern Branch)
            2pm presentation   Heslington Church, York  m.joice@btinternet.com
18th    THE RED RIBBON - Morley WI, tbc
20th    V FOR VICTORY - Skipton Town Hall
            7pm presentation    Box Office (01756) 792809
21st    WE LOVE LAURA - Bollington Arts Centre
            2pm presentation www.bollingtonartscentre.org.uk
22nd    WE LOVE LAURA - Kiplin Hall, North Yorkshire, details tbc
30th    THE RED RIBBON - Jersey Literature Festival tbc

October 2018

3rd        FABULOUS FIFTIES - Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough
             7pm presentation  Tel. (01632) 813781
4th        FABULOUS FIFTIES - Wetherby Flower Club
9th        WE LOVE LAURA - Middlesbrough Central library
            7pm presentation  Tel (01642) 729002
13th     ALL WRITERS GREAT AND SMALL - Stockton Central Library
            6.30pm presentation   Bookings: (01642) 528130
18th     V FOR VICTORY - Tullie House Museum, Carlisle
           7.30pm presentation    www.tulliehouse.co.uk
19th     V FOR VICTORY - Devil's Porridge Museum, Gretna
25th     WE LOVE LAURA - Tickhill Library, Doncaster
            2pm presentation
30th    V FOR VICTORY - Macclesfield Library
            2pm presentation  Tel (01625) 374000                                                                     macclesfield.library@cheshireeast.gov.uk

November 2018
1st       LADIES OF A CERTAIN AGE - Huddersfield Women's Luncheon Club
            12 noon presentation
11th    WOMAN IN GOLD ** Premiere **- Bagshaw Museum, Batley
            2pm presentation  Tel. (01924) 324765                                                                  Bagshaw.Museum@kirklees.gov.uk
13th     V FOR VICTORY - Newton Aycliffe WI
            7pm presentation     St Clare's Church Hall
15th     V FOR VICTORY - Bramhall Hall, Stockport          
            2pm presentation   Tel. (0161) 4742020
22nd    WOMAN IN GOLD - Gateshead Central library, tbc
25th     V FOR VICTORY - Darlington Head of Steam Museum
            1.30pm presentation  Tel (01325) 405060
29th    GREAT WAR FASHION - Aurora Wellbeing centre details tbc
            ** Last Chance To See **
30th    WOMAN IN GOLD - Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent
            7.30pm presentation  melanie.firman@stoke.gov.uk

December 2018
4th        V FOR VICTORY at CHRISTMAS - Whitley Bay Customer First
            7pm presentation      Tel (0191) 6435833
7th        DRESSED TO IMRESS at CHRISTMAS - The Word, South Shields
            7pm presentation
11th     TEA GOWNS & TEATIME - Rhubarb and Custard Morley WI
            7.30pm presentation   Morleian Room, Morley Town Hall
             Tel. Rachael Kennedy 07534 603767

More 2018 dates will be posted soon