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"This first voyage is going to make history in ocean travel..."
- White Star Line booking clerk to Lady Lucy Duff Gordon, 1912

To commemorate the Titanic's first and only voyage, we invite you back to April 1912 and take you on an evocative journey into Edwardian society.

We follow the story of famous dress designer Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon - known in Society as 'Lucile' - to follow events of the fatal night.

Our unique presentation of historical costumes, documents and survivor testimonies offers a fascinating glimpse into life on board Titanic... and the aftermath of the tragedy.

This will truly be an event to remember.

"Your performance was entrancing and a memorable showcase for your immaculate research..."
- Ripon Ladies Luncheon Club

"Just to say how fabulous I thought your presentation on the Titanic was. You covered everything - the boat, the facilities, the passengers and the events of that fateful night - but you did so in a really engaging way. I knew I would cry - and my eyes did fill up a couple of times - but I did not expect to laugh too."
- Fiona Charlesworth, St Alban's Museum

"Absolutely brilliant and so glamorous! The dresses were wonderful! I thoroughy enjoyed the show."

"Just a note to thank yourself and Merry for the wonderful performance you gave at our Charter Evening. I have had nothing but compliments about the performance."
- The President, Wetherby Rotary Club

"A fascinating and enthralling presentation which had us spellbound from start to finish, delivered with personality and humour even though the subject matter is tragic. I loved the mixture of fashion, fact and actual quotation and readings. You girls were enchanting and I have to say you have a striking resemblance to Emma Thompson!"
- TLC Charity

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