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Ladies of a Certain Age

Ladies of a Certain Age

Harriet Smith:
But still, you will be an old maid! -- and that's so dreadful!
Emma Woodhouse:
Never mind, Harriet, I shall not be a poor old maid...

Spinster, matron, mother, widow... Jane Austen's novels may have delightful young heroines, but they are also rich with rather older characters who now have the spotlight in this unique new costumed presentation celebrating old maids and matriarchs, from Miss Bates to Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Lively readings from Austen's novels are interspersed with insights into the realities of life for women past their first blush of youth in Regency England; not forgetting praise for literature's most marvellous spinster - Jane Austen herself.

(For those wishing to restore lost looks, there will also be invaluable beauty tips from the era as well as numerous medical recommendations for the aches and pains of middle age...)

"Really brilliant - side-splittingly funny"
- Ilkley Literature Festival

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