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Frocks on Parade

Frocks on Parade

50 Years of Your Favourite Fashions

A sensational journey through the clothes and culture of five decades, beginning with wartime austerity and ending with 'anything goes'. From the New Look to the New Romantics, Flower Power to power dressing - this talk has it all. What were you wearing when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, when Biba opened her first shop, or when the Berlin Wall fell...?

Frocks on Parade showcases high end fashion - including Norman Hartnell, Dior and the divine Zandra Rhodes - as well as the wonderfully ordinary outfits we wore (and sometimes wish we hadn't).

A brilliant 'do you remember?' experience with a fantastic music soundtrack.

"An absolutely wonderful afternoon... it brought back so many memories... everyone was so delighted with your energetic and enthusiastic performance!"
- Wakefield Ladies Luncheon Club, 50th Anniversary

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