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Fabulous Fifties

Fabulous Fifties

"You've never had it so good!"
- Harold Macmillan

Do you remember the Liberty bodice...? The reality of life for housewives in the 50s could be far from glamorous, but in this lively presentation we transform a domestic drudge into a domestic goddess.

This Cinderella transformation - inspired by Dior's New Look - is achieved with the help of bullet bras, sugared petticoats and sterling advice from the Experts... all set in the decade that reinvented dazzle.

Fabulous Fifties boasts a super array of original garments and accessories including French knickers, gym knickers (what colour were yours?) girdles, hats, bags, shoes, coats, cardigans and ridiculously pretty frocks.

"We loved the whole evening, the history, anecdotes, glamour. Your freshness, vivacity and sheer joy in presenting lifted and inspired the audience!"
- Roecliffe WI

"Thank you so much for your talk about the Fabulous Fifties last night at Gateshead Central Library. Everyone had a wonderful evening - you and Lucy were both so incredibly entertaining and informative - you really demonstrated your passion for both history and fashion."

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